Having Trouble?

If you´re having a
tricky spell,
ask the community
for help!

How to play

Embark on a magical challenge with Stella and her two cats to defeat the malevolent Morgana. Burst the bubbles and make them fall into the cauldrons below to achieve a high score and save Witch Country from the evil spirits.

Each level begins with a mysterious challenge for you to complete, from collecting ingredients for your magic potions, to rescuing animals inside the bubbles. Fulfill these tasks and score as many points as possible.

Tip: The Spiders are your friends!; your points will increase when falling bubbles bounce on the Spiders below.

Boosters & Trouble Bubbles

Boosters are useful if you find yourself in a mysterious dilemma, or stuck on a tricky level. They can be earned or acquired in exchange for Gold Bars. However, Trouble Bubbles may meddle with you bubbilific crusade, making it more difficult for you to complete a level.